Covid 19

We are living at a very strange time. The need to keep people healthy and safe has meant that we have had to introduce new ways of attending church and have changed some of the things we normally do in Mass.

We review our approach regularly to take into account feedback from parishioners, diocesan guidance and, of course, government regulations.

Guidance for Parishioners

The capacity of church is limited to 23 households for each mass.  To enable ‘track and trace’ we will also need contact information for each household. 

To manage the church capacity and support tracking we are asking all parishioners to book to attend mass. Bookings should be made at:  If you are unable to use this service (and do not know anyone who can do this for you) please contact June Finnan on 01565 633357 on Tuesdays between 10:00 and 12:00. Please only book for ONE mass in a week.

If you do turn up for mass without booking you are not guaranteed entrance and stewards may have to turn people away if the church is fully booked.

NOTE: There is currently no obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday.  If you are able to please choose a mass during the week.

Do NOT attend mass if you feel ill.

Please wear a face mask.

  • On arrival please sanitise your hands. 
  • There is a one-way system in church (exit through the side entrance).
  • A steward will direct you to your seating area – these are marked with a green sticker.
  • Please avoid using the kneeler (this is to minimise the cleaning effort after each mass).
  • Mass will be shorter than usual to minimise the time spent indoors.  Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass (unless Father indicates otherwise during the service). After receiving communion, you should leave the church immediately (after sanitising your hands).
  • When Father, or the Eucharistic Minister, gives you communion they will not say “The Body of Christ” and you should receive the communion in silence. Communion will only be given to an outstretched hand.  Maintain a 2 m distance when queuing for communion.

Guidance for Church Stewards

Guidance for Choirs

Risk Assessments