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3rd Sunday of Easter – 18th April, 2021

Web-site: Parish Priest: Fr David Long  
Tel: 01565-633040 E-mail:;
Pre-School: 651948; Primary School: 633637; St Nicholas High: 01606-706000

Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday  Sunday Vigil Mass17th5.30pmPrivate Intention
Sunday18th9.00amOur Parish Family
3rd Sunday of Easter11.00amBrian Cullen
Monday  19thNo Mass today
Tuesday20th9.30amDelia Theresa Pye
Wednesday St Anselm21st9.30amPaddy Hand
Thursday 22nd9.30amHoly Souls
Friday St George23rd9.30amTom Ryan
Saturday Vigil Mass Of Sunday24th5.30pmOur Parish Family
SUNDAY25th9.00amShrewsbury Secular Clergy Fund
4th Sunday of Easter11.00amBaby Louise Rose and Family



All those who are sick,  housebound or isolating at home.

Canon Michael McCoy (a friend of Fr David) who has died and all those whose anniversaries occur at this time especially Brian Cullen, George Kendall, Judi Kerrigan, Peter Keighran, Patrick Cole, Clem McFarlane, Colin Meade, Ann Connolly, David Myerscough-Jones, Francis Berrell, Michael Giulliano, Maria Floyd, Gerard Dorian, Jean Shaw, May they rest in peace and may the Lord bring comfort to their families and friends.

NEW OFFERTORY ENVELOPES: For those parishioners who kindly donate to the Parish using Offertory envelopes, your new box is now available on the table in the porch in alphabetical order. Please do not worry if your number has changed this is part of tidying up our records. Graham Alcock, Planned Giving and Gift Aid Organiser.

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION  is offered after Weekday Masses  in the sacristy or by appointment.

DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES: It is with great sadness that in the light of all the possible regulations with regard to international travel, we have had to make the decision to cancel this year’s Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. A group from the Pilgrimage Management Team will be putting together a Virtual Pilgrimage that everyone will be able to join online. Details will emerge in the coming weeks.

PARISH WEBSITE: It has been drawn to our attention that someone who recently visited our website was invited to enter a competition and was asked for credit card details. Please note we will never post any such things on the website and under no circumstances should you ever offer your credit/debit card details to anyone you do not know to be bona fide.

THANK YOU For your Offertory gifts Please place any offertory envelopes or offerings in the baskets at the church door or post through the presbytery letterbox;  thank you for your continued support of the parish in such difficult circumstances.

 (Diocese of Shrewsbury is a Registered Charity)