Can I be married in St Vincent’s? What must I do in order to make the necessary arrangements to get married?

These questions amongst many others are likely to occupy those who are considering a church wedding and who may wish to consider our Parish Church as their preferred venue.

Normally, at least one of the parties will be living in the parish, will be a baptised Catholic, and be free to marry without impediment (i.e. not previously married). The other party, though not necessarily a Catholic, will also be free to marry (i.e. not previously married).

In some instances, both parties may live elsewhere, but have their roots in the parish. In exceptional cases, others would be considered for marriage in the parish church, but only on condition of permission from their parish priest.

It is always good practice to make arrangements well in advance of any planned wedding, as this gives time and opportunity for planning the ceremony well, and with due consideration.

Please talk to Father David at the earliest opportunity to discuss your plans.