Planned Giving and Gift Aid

Planned Giving and Gift Aid donations can be made by either standing order or by using an Offertory Envelope. Offertory envelopes are provided annually, to coincide with the Tax Year, to parishioners who do not make their donation by standing order and into which can be placed either cash or a cheque.  

We would ask Parishioners to consider moving to standing order if they are able as it removes the risk of cash being carried to the bank each week and helps us avoid unnecessary bank charges.            

The Gift Aid scheme is run by the Government and allows the church as a charity to claim an additional 25% on any donation you make providing you as the donor are a UK taxpayer. 

On all Offertory and any additional collections given in the form of GIFT AID, the Parish reclaims the income tax already paid by the donor on their contributions from HMRC.  This income tax can be on earnings (PAYE), savings and investments. 

Hence this provides an opportunity for tax paying Parishioners to enhance the income of our Parish (AT NO EXTRA COST TO THEMSELVES). 

Those joining the Gift Aid scheme are NOT required to disclose their earnings, their employer, the amount of tax they pay, tax code, national insurance number or anything else that is personal to them or their family. All they are required to do is to give their name and address and declare that they have paid income tax on the donations they make.

As the parish Planned Giving and Gift Aid Organiser, I am eager to welcome everyone wishing to join the scheme and to answer any queries. Please contact me on the following email address:

If you wish to pay your regular Offertory donation by standing order or wish to join the Gift Aid scheme them forms for each can be downloaded below

  • The completed Gift Aid form should be sent to me by post to the Presbytery (or just put through the front door).
  • The completed standing order form should be posted direct to your bank with a copy sent to me, if possible, to
  • Alternatively, if you use online banking then the standing order can be set up by yourself. The Parish bank account details are:
    • Payee: SRCDT-234025 St Vincent de Paul Knutsford
    • Bank: Lloyds Bank – sort code: 30-15-52.
    • Account number: 54610960

Ann Long

Planned Giving and Gift Aid Organiser