Guidance for Choirs

We are really pleased that you are going to be singing in our church.

To ensure your safety – and that of the Parish Priest and Church stewards – could you please ensure that you follow the guidelines below.

If you have been asked to self-isolate (e.g. by the NHS App or by work) please do not come into Church.
If you have any cold like symptoms – please do not come into church

These guidelines assume that any performance will be live streamed and that there will be no congregation present. They also apply to any rehearsals

Before coming to church

  • The organiser should provide a list of contact details for all members attending – this is for track and trace purposes. The list can either be brought in person or sent beforehand to
  • Bring with you your own copy of any music materials (ideally brought from your home.

On Arrival

  • Please wear a face mask on arrival and whilst moving around the Church. Masks may be taken off whilst you are singing.
  • Clean your hands with sanitiser.
  • Take a place at a pew, only use pews marked with a green sticker.
  • You must be at least 2 m away from any-one else.

During the performance

  • The leader of the choir may stand at the front of the church – before the altar. They must ensure at least 2 m distance between themselves and any member of the choir and the priest.
  • You may remove your masks whilst singing
  • Ensure you keep 2 m from anyone else

After the Performance

  • Put your face mask back on
  • Ensure you take any music materials you have brought with you.
  • Leave the church from the side entrance
  • Those at the front should leave first, in order, moving back a pew at a time
  • Sanitise your hands as you leave the church

If you have agreed to help with cleaning please leave the church with everyone else and return via the front door. Put on a pair of gloves and a steward will guide you on what needs to be done