St Vincent’s promotes Ecumenism as a priority in its witness to Christ. Excellent and co-operative relationships are maintained with the other Christian Churches in the Town. These ensure that there are regular meetings of the clergy fraternal on which each Church community is represented by its Minister.

The Churches are; St John the Baptist, St Cross, Knutsford Methodist Church, the Full Gospel Church, and St Vincent’s. The fraternal meets several times each year, and participates in two Annual Services; during the Week of Prayer (January) and Pentecost. In addition, the Churches participate jointly in the Annual Service of Remembrance (November) and the Dedication of the Town Christmas Crib(Advent). These events are celebrated on a rotational basis around the participating churches in most cases.

You may enquire about Ecumenical event-updates with your own Minister.

Follow the links to the websites of the churches within the fraternal by clicking on their photographs below.

St Johns
St. John’s
St Cross
St. Cross
Methodist Church
Knutsford Methodists