Parish Hall – Conditions of Hire


  1. Your booking is subject to confirmation.
  2. The hall must be vacated no later than the agreed finish time
  3. All rubbish/refuse to be removed by the hirer on conclusion on the event.
  4. No tape or other adhesive material to be applied to the walls

Please note:

  • The maximum capacity of the hall (at present) is 100 people.
  • At the moment the Hall is not available to private hirers (you must be part of an organisation, club or charity)
  • Before your event starts you must clean available surfaces with soap and water or an appropriate antiseptic spray. You must also clean all surfaces and equipment you have used at the end of your event.
  • Doors and windows must be kept open throughout your event.
  • Attendees should sanitise their hands before and after your event
  • it is your responsibility to manage people signing in as part of any current government requirements or expectations.
  • Attendees should not use use handshakes or physical greetings.
  • You should not prepare any refreshments during your event, you can bring your own food and drink.
  • Hirers must send in their Civid-19 Secure risk assessments and proof of suitable Public Liability Insurance Cover.
  • Any accident or emergency first aid should be recorded in the parish accident book

You must also follow the supplemental Covid-19 conditions of hire.

The risk assessment approved by the diocese can be found here.