Clergy Education & Training Fund

The collection for the Clergy Education & Training Fund is held annually and (as set down in the Liturgical Calendar) is due to be taken at each Mass on either Sunday 07 or Sunday 14 November.

As I am sure you are aware, the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in many challenges including a reduction in those able to attend Mass at Church and the live streaming of Mass. This has also led to Parishioners around the Diocese choosing to either give Online or set up a Standing Order to their Parish. In response to this, changes have been made to the way in which Parishioners can support the collection for the Clergy Education & Training Fund.

1. Electronic Leaflet and Online Giving

An electronic version of the Clergy Education & Training Fund leaflet previously circulated each year to Parishes has been produced. This is available here and contains information about the Fund and how Parishioners can give Online to support the Fund.  Please note that Parishioners who give Online to the Fund can take advantage of Gift Aid at the same time when they make their donation in this way. A minimum donation of £5 is requested if Parishioners choose to give Online.

2. Regular Giving to the Fund

The electronic document attached also explains how Parishioners can make a regular donation to the Fund either by requesting a Standing Order form or making a donation by Cheque. The document also contains a Gift Aid Declaration form that can be printed off and completed by Parishioners wishing to donate to the Fund by either Standing Order or Cheque.

3. Gift Aid

If Parishioners wish to Gift Aid a donation to the Fund, they will need either to donate Online or alternatively donate by Standing Order or Cheque. If they choose to donate by Standing Order or Cheque, they will need to print off and complete the Gift Aid Declaration in the electronic document attached and send this to the Planned Giving & Gift Aid Service. Gift Aid cannot be claimed on cash donations made to the Annual Collection.

4. Promoting the Collection

Please can I ask you to put the document attached to this message on the Parish website so that it is available for Parishioners. Please could you also remind Parishioners about the Collection and mention the availability of the document on the Parish website in your “announcements” at the end of Mass.

Sample Newsletter items to help publicise the collection and explain to Parishioners how to give Online and Gift Aid their donation are also attached.

5. Cheque Donations by Parishioners

If parishioners wish to donate to the collection by Cheque, please can you advise that Cheques are to be made payable to “Clergy Education & Training Fund”.

6. Proceeds of the Collection

Please could you ensure that the following are sent to the Curial Offices marked for my attention:

i) the Cheque from the Parish (made payable to “Clergy Education & Training Fund”) in respect of the proceeds of the collection taken in Church.

ii) any Cheques which may have been given in the collection by Parishioners that are made payable to the “Clergy Education & Training Fund”

iii) any completed Request for Standing Order Forms or Gift Aid Declaration forms received in favour of the Fund.